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    Grandis Home Automation keeps your home and belongings in your home safe and secure. There are many smart products that can increase your home’s safety and security. Even simple notifications can be used to perform many important tasks. You can program your system to send you a text message or email whenever your security system registers a potential problem, from motion detector warnings to fire alarms.


    With Grandis Home Automation, you can use any of your home device to view from anywhere in the world. Monitoring apps can provide a wealth of information about your home, from the status of the current moment to a detailed history of what has happened up to now. You can check your security system’s status, whether the lights are on, whether the doors are locked, what the current temperature of your home is and much more.


    Total control over a home has never been easier. With Grandis Home Automation, you can manage every electrical appliance of your home. Being able to control devices means things like unlocking the door without having to leave a key under the mat. You can also get notified for more mundane events, such as programming your front door sensor to let you know when your child returns home from school.


    With Grandis Home Automation, you can set all of your electrical appliances including geysers, ACs etc. on schedules and thus helps you to monitor and control every electrical appliances to make sure you are not wasting energy.


    Being able to control devices remotely with smartphone or via voice commands, set them on schedules and even sync them with the sunrise and sunset is also the scope of home automation. Imagine being able to come down in the morning to freshly made toast without you having to push a button! Grandis Home Automation helps to control and monitor your home conveniently using your smartphone.


    Assume when you are all comfy in your bed but realize that you have left the bathroom light on. With Grandis Home Automation, you can turn OFF the bulb from the comfort of your bed without even touching your physical switches.


    The best experience comes with ease of use. Grandis Home Automation is extremely simple to understand and operate.


    A smart home is now easy on your pocket. Equip your home with Grandis Home Automation with comparatively lower cost.


    Install our App on your smart phone and start using your system instantly. App Interface is simple, easy to use and flexible. You can customize the app interface as per your needs. The App helps you to control, monitor and write rules to automate your home. “If This, Then That” is a service rule that lets you to do amazing things with your Grandis Home Automation.


    Grandis Home Automation devices are easy to set up and use. The installation process is hassle free and they connect to your existing wiring network.


    Grandis Home Automation devices work in sync with your existing electrical connections and appliances. No additional wiring required. They fit inside your existing switchboards


    The real hands-on control comes in when you start interacting with the home automation system from your smartphone app. Grandis Home Automation helps you to check up on your house while you’re away using your iOS and / or Android device and monitor which systems and appliances are active. In addition to arming and disarming security system, the mobile application also allows users to set schedules, create scenes, lock and unlock doors, customize device settings and adjust the lights all from your phone, from anywhere in the world.


    Assume your window curtain gets opened just by saying a code “OPEN CURTAIN” from your bed! With voice assistants, you can use to your voice to control home devices just by saying to do action you are in need. Grandis Home Automation devices work seamlessly with Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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